NABU and SAPO leaders meet with G7 representatives

Capacity building of Ukraine's anti-corruption infrastructure remains essential. This includes the establishment of an autonomous forensic institution, a path to independence and faster investigations. This was discussed at the meeting between NABU Director Semen Kryvonos, NABU Deputy Director Polina Lysenko and SAPO Head Oleksandr Klymenko with the Ambassadors of the G7.

Among the main topics of discussion were the most prominent investigations of the authorities, including cases from 2024. Special attention was also paid to the importance of institutional independence of both agencies and new challenges in their work, in particular during a full-scale invasion.

NABU Director expressed gratitude to the G7 for their support of anti-corruption agencies and assistance in combating corruption in general.

The discussions remain focused on Ukraine's accession to the OECD Anti-Corruption Convention. NABU and SAPO are making efforts to address this issue, gradually eliminating the gaps necessary for entry.  

In particular, those related to the liability of legal entities. International support and OECD best practices are important both in terms of institutional resilience of anti-corruption bodies and in reducing the overall level of corruption.