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Three suspected of corruption at Chornomorsk sea port

NABU and SAPO have exposed three persons who attempted to obtain undue advantage to influence the director of the State Enterprise "Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port" to make a decision in the interests of a private company.

Seizure of state land worth almost UAH 291 million: current minister suspected

NABU and SAPO have uncovered a scheme to misappropriate 2,500 hectares of state-owned land in the Sumy region and prevented an attempt to seize another 3,300 hectares. The criminal group, led by the former head of the agrarian committee of the Verkhovna Rada, a current minister, included top officials of the State Geocadastre, as well as individuals controlling the State Geocadastre activities, known as curators.

NABU and SAPO leaders meet with G7 representatives

Capacity building of Ukraine's anti-corruption infrastructure remains essential. This includes the establishment of an autonomous forensic institution, a path to independence and faster investigations. This was discussed at the meeting between NABU Director Semen Kryvonos, NABU Deputy Director Polina Lysenko and SAPO Head Oleksandr Klymenko with the Ambassadors of the G7.

NABU, SAPO expose criminal organization at Chernivtsi Customs Office

Due to the cooperation with the competent authorities of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia NABU and SAPO exposed a criminal organization at Chernivtsi Customs Office. Among its members were well-known businessmen from Chernivtsi and officials of the Chernivtsi Customs Office , including its ex-head and a former deputy of the Chernivtsi Regional Council. Their actions aimed at minimizing customs payments through the scheme of so-called 'gray' imports caused almost UAH 290 million in losses to the state.