Youth involvement in anti-corruption drive is more important than ever, head of NABU’s Detective Department

Without progressive corruption-intolerant youth, all efforts of anti-corruption agencies will be in vain. That is why awareness-raising activities for students are important part of interaction between the National Bureau and society. This was stressed by Oleksandr Skomarov, head of  NABU’s Detective Department, during a talk with young participants of the All-Ukrainian Forum "Sophia of Kyiv: The Statehood We Fight For."

This annual event is organized for students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and enables them to meet with public officials, changemakers, and leaders of public opinion. Last year, ULA`s students had an opportunity to talk with NABU’s first chief. This year, Oleksandr Skomarov told the youth about the preconditions for NABU’s launch, the selection of employees, and the Bureau's interaction with other law enforcement agencies.

"NABU was established under the new standards based on the honest and transparent selection of personnel and under the public scrutiny. Moreover, it does not matter if it is a position in the Main Detectives Department or in the Accounting Department. This is how we managed to form a professional team with a "clean" background," said Oleksandr.

The speaker told the youth how NABU joined the fight against the enemy and adapted to work under the martial law. He also answered their questions about the progress in hearing top-corruption cases in courts and the Bureau's cooperation at the international level.

Photo: Ukrainian Leadership Academy

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy is an educational leadership platform for young people. The project is one of the leaders in working with active youth and the most powerful youth leadership movement in Ukraine. The Academy combines a yearlong program between school and university for motivated teenagers aged 16-20 and large-scale social projects for society. ULA boasts 1,206 graduates over 7 years.