NABU, Restoration Agency to cooperate for Ukraine's reconstruction

There should be no place for corruption in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. In order to prevent its possible manifestations, NABU will strengthen cooperation with the State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (Restoration Agency). Director of the National Bureau Semen Kryvonos and Head of the State Agency Mustafa Nayyem signed a memorandum, defining the main areas of cooperation and obligations of the parties.

"After the victory, the country's reconstruction will start, including housing, infrastructure facilities. This important process should be transparent and free from any corruption risks. I am pleased with the cooperation of state institutions on such issues. I am confident, the memorandum will contribute to the effective exchange of data and will help us respond quickly to any attempts to embezzle funds," Semen Kryvonos emphasized.

The parties undertook to exchange information on any signs of committed or planned corruption offenses in order to act appropriately. The Restoration Agency will also provide unimpeded access to its facilities, documents, and other material carriers of information necessary for the prevention, detection, termination, and investigation of offenses falling under NABU's jurisdiction.

"The memorandum with NABU is not just a formal set of intentions. It is unprecedented as far as trust and the depth of anti-corruption cooperation are concerned. Our goal is to quickly restore the country and return to normal life. The aggressor has caused a lot of suffering, but we must not forget about one more enemy — corruption, which can become an obstacle to the successful development of Ukraine," noted Mustafa Nayyem.

The memorandum also provides for holding joint meetings and public discussions.

The State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine was established in January 2023. Its key objective is the implementation of country restoration projects.